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Top 10 Principles for Effective Web Design

While creating a website, you need to design your website according to the likes and needs of your customers. Instead of giving priorities to your own likes and dislikes, you should care about the likes and dislikes of your customers. While you would like to create a better website, here are shown some factors to enhance the quality of your website. The websites which are designed without considering these factors have more bounce rate and have the least ranking in the Google analytics. For that, you can choose the best web design in Kenya as well, who will provide you with their best services.


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Your websites should fulfill the purpose for which it has been created. If the visitors are not satisfied with the content of the website, then the chances of having the bounce rate will also increase.


Most of the people look for quick information from the web. The website which can give better information will also be able to get more visitors.


Readers like the content which is easily visible, as it will be easier to read them. You can use Arial/Calibri which is considered as better for reading purpose.


It is better to use bright colors on your website while it depends upon your content and the likes and dislikes of your readers. As you will be needed dark colors to show the contrast of your website also.


Images are also an important part of your website. As you may know that a picture can tell louder than words. While you can use attractive images to enhance the aesthetic value of your website as well.

Layouts and designs


With a grid-based layout or using some other layout design, you can be able to organize content and pictures of your website in a proper way.

F- Pattern design

Most of the people track the online website in an F pattern, as they will look from left to right at first. While they will look downward and after that, they may check the content shown in the flow which creates the pattern of F shape.

Easy to navigate

With the proper pathway, it becomes easier for the customer to search things on your website. You should organize your website in such a way, that no one is having problems while using your website.

Load Time

Nobody wants to use a website, which even takes more time for loading its pages. To reduce page load time, you need to utilize coding and use the proper size of images.

Mobile friendly


Nowadays, everyone uses mobile devices for using the Internet, as it is more convenient. If you would like to have more engagement on your website, then you should have a mobile-friendly website.

These are a few factors which you should consider before creating a new website.