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4 Things To Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup

Even though you want to look more beautiful, but because of the rush lifestyle, you cannot be able to get enough time to care for your own beauty. Especially when you are going out for any occasion, it could be troublesome to wear every time the layers of makeup highlighting the detail of your beauty. It is better to opt for the semi-permanent makeup which is the best solution for enhancing your facial beauty for some time.

About permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is the method by which the tattoo cosmetic mechanism is applied. In this method, facial pigmentation is added to the skin using sharp pins into the face for outlining the eyebrows or lip parts. Such makeup should be performed by the professional only and it can be effective for long time also.


In the semi-permanent makeup also pigmentation method is used but such type of makeup can fade with time also. If you would like to try some facial makeup for two or three weeks then Semi-permanent makeup is the best option for you.

Eyebrow Makeup


The work of the professionals of permanent or semi-permanent are very fine which is like an art on the canvas. It will help you to design the contours of your face in a natural way which will make you look more beautiful. Along with the ageing, there is a chance that the color of your eyebrow became dull while using nanoblading makeup, you can get flawless stokes in your eyebrows.

Lips Makeup

Nano-blading pigmentation can be also used for the treatment of the dull looking lips. It has been seen in many women that they have lost the pigmentation of their lips on the sides. Using this technique you can regain the shape of your rosy lips. It might be possible that your lips will get swollen a bit due to this method, but most of the users are happy with such kind of swelling which enhances the beauty of the lips. While most of them complain because of the healing of the swollen lips.

After the treatment of semi-permanent or permanent makeup special care to be taken. There is a special type of ointment or balm is given after the treatment to reduce the pain and swelling due to the treatment. While this is not for too long, it may seem like a problem for a week or so.