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How To Protect Yourself From Blackmail/Extortion?

There is not a shortage of scammers who would like to cheat others for money. Blackmailing, money laundry, Online scamming, cyber-extortion and there are many ways for the scammer to cheat others. Now scammers have also learnt to use the technology in their favor, as you may know, that Mr IlanTzorya has involvement in the online frauds and scams.




What is considered extortion?


It is a criminal offence, in which a scammer uses illegal ways of obtaining money through blackmailing, threats, cheating, coercion etc. Online extortion has become quite common these days, as scammers use emails to threaten victims and ask for ransom amount in the form of crypto-currency.


What to do if you are getting extorted?



If you have ever been in a situation, where someone has tried to send you threat messages or blackmailing you for ransom or if your system is hacked with a ransom-ware, which is having important data. Then you should call the cyber cops to investigate the whole situation.


Here are the stops which you should follow for reporting extortion crime against you:


  • Collect all the documentation, which shows that someone is trying to blackmail you.
  • Report about your problem to the local authorities. By doing so, it will be easier for you to file a complaint against the scammer.
  • In case, if you are afraid that someone is misusing your data by hacking your computer, then you ask for the help of cyber police also. As they can be able to track the misdoing of the scammer.

How to deal with a scammer?


Giving the ransom is not a solution, it is better to take help from the law. You should also consult your Internet provider that is there any outsider you tried to hack your system. By doing so, you might be able to get a hint about the real scammer.


How can you avoid extortion?



Here are shown a few steps using which you can be able to protect yourself from extortion:

  • Use antivirus softwares, to safeguard your computer. While you should browse online using firewall protection on your system.
  • There are some personal things which you should not share with anyone. As there is also a chance that someone else can be able to hack the data from the device of that person.
  • Be aware of the mails which may contain ransom-ware and threat messages.

If you are following the above shown practices, then it will never be easy for scammers to exploit you. While you need to be careful while dealing with such scammers.