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7 Keys To Manage Your Seo Client Well

Search engine optimization (SEO) business is not that dramatic as it appears to be but SEO client management is surely a critical job. We suppose that our clients already know how this SEO process work but this is wrong as any assumption can be. Clients don’t know it. They just know that they want it to get more traffic on their sites and get more numbers of legitimate customers. It is definitely your job to convince them that why they need SEO and how it would help to grow their business. Here are 7 most effective keys to manage your SEO clients like professionals:-

  1. Communicate well and offer a helping hand

SEO client management
SEO client management

Building contacts and business relationships is the major priority for the SEO business. So you can apply the law of averages in this scenario. Let me explain in simple words, you contact and communicate with as much clients you can so you can get an adequate numbers of potential customers.

  1. Tell them what you bring to the table

Let your potential clients know that what you can do for them. Study their business first, do some research work, impress your client with quality information, tell them what they need, and then let them know what you offer. People and companies are so concerned about this one question, ‘what can you do for them’?

  1. Elaborate the process

Most of times clients don’t have any idea about the SEO process and how it works for them. Explaining to them in simple words is very important so when they show an impatient behavior and ask that why their link is not in the first page of search result?, you’ll be able to explain.

  1. Don’t create confusion

Be clear about your terms and offerings. Creating unnecessary confusion may put you in the wrong position. Any conflict with a client may lead you to lose a number of clients. Be aware of the fact that the simplicity and the clarity are always appreciated.

  1. Be realistic in business

Don’t explain the SEO like a fairytale and never make false promises. Being realistic helps you to save your valuable time and also attract client’s attention.

  1. Maintain relationship

SEO client management is all about establishing a healthy relationship with client and maintaining it. Client satisfaction must be the first priority for a service provider firm like SEO agency.

  1. Show interest in their business

Always be enthusiastic to know about clients business. It is said that we can help ourselves by helping others and SEO business is the best example of this. Show interest in client’s business so you can help them well and can build a strong bond along the way.


These are the 7 keys to SEO client management which will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with the client and it will give you a win-win deal.