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Top 5 Benefits Of E-Cigarettes Over Traditional Ones.

Modern technology has already influenced the traditional cigarettes market, as the vape pods and e-cigs culture has begun to rice. Vaping has started as an alternative to cigarettes but it has created its own market among the youngsters and modern people. Smoking was never these trendy before today people challenge each other to do the cloud chasing tricks using vapes. Social media boosted this cloud chasing challenge and influenced people to try these techniques if they could.

Let us categorize the E-cigs according to their types

  • Cigalike E-cigs
  • Vape Pods
  • Vape Pens
  • Box Mod E-cigs

There are 4 types of E-cigs and each of them comes with their own specifications and features. If you are curious you can see about them online and read about them. Apart from the complicated debate of whether it is good or bad, we will try to figure out why it is good from the traditional ones. Following are the top 5 benefits of E-cigarettes over traditional ones.

  1. E-Cigarettes come in different Flavors.

E-cigs give you a greater choice without even costing so much. These cigs come in many styles and colors they look much more fashionable. You can find lots of flavors for them if you want. If you calculate your traditional pack expenses of a month you will find out that E-cigs are much more affordable.

  1. It gives you more freedom.

With vape pods like Juul you can vape anywhere. Anywhere means any public place. You don’t even have to worry about the non-smokers. Most non-smokers will agree to it that the aroma which comes out from the vapes doesn’t bother them, on the other hand, they hate traditional cigs aroma.

  1. They are more guarded

Using these vapes won’t leave any smell on your clothe and body but if you use the traditional ones you will find out that it leaves an offensive aroma. If you are a person who doesn’t want others to know about it then it could be a good option for you.

  1. They provide a decent pleasure

Vapes like juul come with a variety of E-liquid which helps in providing a different kind of pleasure as compared to the traditional cigs. When inhaled, it leaves a decent smell of flavor which you chose for your E-liquid. These variety of flavors are safer to use while vaping.

  1. Environment-friendly

When people throw the buds of the cigarettes in the surrounding sometimes they cause a fire as they get in contact with any inflammable substance. The buds are also harmful to animals and soils. That’s why e-cigs are much safer than it.

Now you know the benefits of E-cigs over traditional cigs. If you smoke then you should probably try using the E-cigs may be it will help you quit it who knows as it hasn’t been proved yet but it is a better option than cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes: Correct Way Of Juuling

E-cigs are becoming more common these days, as many of the people who would like to quit tobacco intake consider it as a safer option than using cigarettes. For the beginners, it would be quite tricky to use these Juul devices. Some of the e-vaping devices or e-cigs have the similar design as the traditional cigarette, so many of the smokers who are using e-cigs for the first time, use them in a similar way, but actually juuling e-cigs are quite different from cigarette puffing.

Things not to do


Before learning about how to use anything in a correct way, you should know the things which you should not do.

Like for the beginners, when you use e-cig do not take quick and small puffs as you are puffing a traditional cigarette. These devices are not formed to smoke in that way and by doing so you might get your mouth filled with e-liquid which is a quite unpleasant experience.


One more tip for the e-smokers is to take some break while taking puffs otherwise your device will get really hot and get damaged. You should give your Juul device some time to cool.

Vaping for a long time may lead to taste buds burnout or other throat problems while you need to be careful and avoid vaping for a long interval.

Things to do


Now after knowing what not to do you are ready for learning the correct way of juuling or e-vaping.

Take Puff


When you take a puff, you should do it slowly and steady till the vapors fill your mouth (which is quite similar to cigar smoking). You do not need to directly intake the vapors into your lungs for the desired result.

Hold and exhale:


You should hold the puff you have taken before inhaling it to the lungs after that you could exhale it from your nose or mouth. Nicotine in the traditional cigarette contains additional stuff in the tobacco which can only be absorbed by lungs but the vapors of e-cig can be absorbed by your inner membranes also and more effective the traditional cigarettes.

Take breaks in between shots:


You should take breaks between each puff which will provide you with the best of the effect of juuling.

This e-cigs are easy to use while you need to make some changes with your smoking habit and then you will be ready to e-smoke like a pro in no time.