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3 Types of Drills Which You Can Add To Your Toolkit

People who can repair their own stuff or people who love to do DIY projects know their tools and have their own collection. There are many people who love to handle repairing tasks on their own, if you are also among those people then check out these three types of drills which you can add to your toolkit.


Cordless and corded drills


These are really common kind of drills which are available in the market. If you want to explain them in simple words then you can say that a corded drill is a drill which has a wire to supply the power and a cordless drill is that which don’t have a wire, cordless drill works on a battery.

People find cordless drill very convenient because it is easy to handle and best for DIY projects. You can take cordless drill anywhere whereas corded drill needs an electricity source. There is one amazing quality of corded drills which most of you don’t know. A corded drill can be more powerful as compared to cordless drills and are used for heavy works.


Impact driver drills



When people need higher torque and heavy power than they prefer standard impact driver drills. Sometimes this drill provides a reckless power which makes it hard to handle. Many of the people think that it is not made to precision works because it provides unstable torques sometimes.


Hammer and rotary drills


If you are thinking about what is an ideal drill which you can use to drill tough layers then you should know that Hammer and rotary drills are best for layers like, concrete, stones bricks etc.


Hammer drills


You can also call hammer drills as percussion drills, they are used to drill hard material. There are some of the best hammer drills available in the market. Hammer drill mechanism works on both rotary and impact. With the help of these combinations, it can provide a quality thrust.


Rotary drills


These are the drills which are used for both chiseling and drilling hard materials. It works on a piston mechanism. Many of the new rotary drills also work on pneumatics. It is also a heavy duty drill which is preferred by many of the people.


These are some of the best types of drills which you should know about. If you want you can read more about them and their uses. Choose any of these drills and add it to your toolkit.