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7 Awesome Sites To Watch Movies Online For Free

Watching movies online is the best way to watch movies these days. You can find many sites which provide the free subscription to watch the latest movies. Today everyone has a fast internet connection which they can use to watch and enjoy their favorite movies. Let me tell you about some of the sites which you can use to watch online movies.

  1. Hoopla

Hoopla is one of those sites which gives you a library card worth 72 hrs in which you can browse movies and put it in your library. The move category contains almost every movies. Sometimes many of the people face issue due to their location problem but this problem can be solved if you will use any of the free vpn services. Using a free vpn service will help you browse any of the other movies sites easily.

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  1. Internet Archive

This is one of the best sites for the people who don’t want to create an account or register in any site. Here you will find movies from different genres watch it for free. If you want to add favorites or select multiple movies than you will have to create an account.

  1. Crackle

This site has a great collection TV series and movies which one can watch. This site supported in many devices and you don’t need to create an account for this.

  1. Kanopy

For users who can’t use Hoopla should try using Kanopy it also has the same features as the hoopla. It is one of the fastest growing sites which is Live in almost all over US and Australia.

  1. 123movies

If you love watching the action and adventure movies than, maybe this site can give the latest and the best collection of the movies. It is a growing site and is doing a tremendous job in providing the best source of entertainment for the people.

  1. Vudu

You will get 1000 of movies for free here, but you will get plenty of ads while watching the movie. You have to register to the site if you want to watch movies easily.

  1. Tubi TV

You have to create an account for this site so that while you switch the devices to watch movies you can resume the movie where you left. It has a collection of all movies produced by the famous studios.

Use any of the sites and watch your favorite movies online. This is one of the best ways to watch movies these days. The best thing is you can switch the movies if you don’t like it as there are so many movies to watch.