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Top 4 Interesting Facts About Online Dating

Online dating itself is a very thrilling and exciting thing to try. Many of the people take it very wrong. But it is a kind of adventure to give a sort. Many people have misconceptions about the security and safety of online dating sites. But according to research, it has been finding out that most of the reputed dating sites take proper care of the privacy and safety of their users.

If you are also want to date someone online then you can prefer selecting sites that are the replacement for Backpage. If you are an avid listener about different things and facts about online dating. Then this is a right place for yourself. In this article, you are going to explore some of the most interesting facts about online dating. So just take a look!

Love is for all




The one of the most interesting thing that is very popular about these sites is that they are for all age group people. They are not biased when comes to age. Even a 60 years old woman can find its partner on these sites. So age is not a barrier to different online dating sites. According to some old research, it has been found that about 6% users of these sites are senior citizens. They belong to the age group of 55 to 64 years. According to the current statics, about 12% of users of online dating sites are old people. That is completely the double of the old figures.


Mars and venus


According to the current research it is found that about 52.4% of men and 47.6% of women are accessing online dating sites. This statics may change from site to site. But it somehow indicates an even real representation.


Second opinion matters


replacement for Backpage


Most of the people go for the second opinion about the person they are thinking about data through online dating sites. Everybody have close friends from which they definitely seek advice is it right or not. I do not say that all but some people even have confidants that can give them the best advice on their decision.


Girl power


About 30% of women ask for advice and help from their friends and close companions on their profile at online dating websites whereas only 16% of men do this thing or look for advice on their decision. That shows that men do not usually look out for the second opinion.


These are the top four interesting facts about online dating. You get to know even more about it if you try it yourself.