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Coolest Facts About Instagram That You Didn’t Know

There are so many cool things about Instagram that it is difficult to even know where to start. Instagram is one big world of social media, that people have started using so much. Updated with so many new features, this has turned out to be the favourite social networking place of many people out there!. To make your work easy here, there are many Instagram Bot being available for purchase, so you can have a look at them tool. Read below to discover some of the exciting features of Instagram

Platform with Billions of Photos Uploaded
Instagram Bot
Instagram Bot

This huge platform was actually introduced around 2010, and since then it has been the first choice of people to share photos and videos. It has also turned out to become the most attractive place to share pictures of your favourite things.

Love Is The Most Popular Hashtags About Instagram

When it comes to Instagram hashtags, there can be a question of why to use them, Well using trendy hashtags, will make your posts appear higher on user searches, and the visibility and traffic to your website would also be high. It has been found that the most popular hashtag on Instagram is love, and Instagram is all about the love you have and want to share with others.

An Application Equally Used By All

A recent survey shows that Instagram platform is used equally among all economic classes. So be it rich or poor or even the middle-class family people, make the best use of Instagram, as they contribute heavily to know many informative and interesting things happening around you.

Facebook spend $1 Billion to purchase Instagram

This actually happened around 2012, and Facebook made a big deal by buying to buy Instagram for itself. That might sound like a lot, but it is said that it was one of the steak deals, to have bought Instagram for that price.

Almost All Fashion Brands Mark Their Presence Here

All leading fashion brands make it a point to mark their social presence on Instagram, as they know that this is the best place to target the right audience and also to promote and gain more publicity for their products as well.

The most Liked Picture In Instagram

The most liked picture on Instagram is a selfie that is taken by Kendall Jenner and has reported a whooping likes count of 3.5 million.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Most Popular On Instagram

When it comes to the celebrity count, these both people are considered to have and be the most popular people on Instagram. They have been followed by many fans, on Instagram, and also do enjoy the precious title of being the most popular man and women on Instagram as well.