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What Is An IP Address?

The term IP address is the computer equivalent of human residential address. In order to reach out a specific person, a specific address of residence is required. In the same way to reach out to a specific computer system an address is required by other computer systems, this address is labelled as IP address (Internet protocol address). IP Address to be precisely defined as a numerical address which is assigned to each connection to the internet.

IP address exists in two forms- IPv4 (IP address version 4) which utilizes 32-bit addresses and IPv6 (IP address version 6) which utilizes 128-bit addresses.

What are the different types of IP addresses?

Depending upon the nature of the information and other bits and pieces provided by an IP address it can be sub classified into following types-

  • Dynamic IP address- Dynamic IP address changes frequently with time.
  • Static IP Address- Static IP address remains same and does not change with time.
  • Public IP Address- Public IP address is the address visible to other devices on the internet.
  • Private IP address- It is the IP address assigned to different devices within an internal network such as router.
  • DNS (Domain Name Server) – It is not exactly an IP address but IP address translated in the form of memorable words.
What is My IP

What is in IP address?

IP address can be looked up on using the lookup tools provided in the internet to gain data in regard of geo-location such as-

  • Country name.
  • Region of IP Address.
  • City Name.
  • Organization / ISP Name.
  • The latitude and longitude of the location.
  • Time Zone.
  • Calling Code of country in which IP is registered.
  • Currency Name.
  • ASN number.

However certain data is out of the scope of lookup tools such as- Exact name of IP user, exact house number or street address, Phone number and email address.

How to trace your IP address?

Since IP address marks the online presence of a system which is essential for the accomplishment of various online tasks, there are several online tools provided in the internet for tasks ranging from extraction of IP address to use of IP address for procurement of other information. However the simplest method to track down your IP address is by typing what is my IP in Google search bar and hitting the search tab, the result page will be showing your public IP address.

7 Awesome Sites To Watch Movies Online For Free

Watching movies online is the best way to watch movies these days. You can find many sites which provide the free subscription to watch the latest movies. Today everyone has a fast internet connection which they can use to watch and enjoy their favorite movies. Let me tell you about some of the sites which you can use to watch online movies.

  1. Hoopla

Hoopla is one of those sites which gives you a library card worth 72 hrs in which you can browse movies and put it in your library. The move category contains almost every movies. Sometimes many of the people face issue due to their location problem but this problem can be solved if you will use any of the free vpn services. Using a free vpn service will help you browse any of the other movies sites easily.

Free VPN
  1. Internet Archive

This is one of the best sites for the people who don’t want to create an account or register in any site. Here you will find movies from different genres watch it for free. If you want to add favorites or select multiple movies than you will have to create an account.

  1. Crackle

This site has a great collection TV series and movies which one can watch. This site supported in many devices and you don’t need to create an account for this.

  1. Kanopy

For users who can’t use Hoopla should try using Kanopy it also has the same features as the hoopla. It is one of the fastest growing sites which is Live in almost all over US and Australia.

  1. 123movies

If you love watching the action and adventure movies than, maybe this site can give the latest and the best collection of the movies. It is a growing site and is doing a tremendous job in providing the best source of entertainment for the people.

  1. Vudu

You will get 1000 of movies for free here, but you will get plenty of ads while watching the movie. You have to register to the site if you want to watch movies easily.

  1. Tubi TV

You have to create an account for this site so that while you switch the devices to watch movies you can resume the movie where you left. It has a collection of all movies produced by the famous studios.

Use any of the sites and watch your favorite movies online. This is one of the best ways to watch movies these days. The best thing is you can switch the movies if you don’t like it as there are so many movies to watch.

4 Reasons To Get A Dedicated Server

There are now available various options for IT infrastructure hosting to choose. Shared hosting servers, dedicated metal cloud servers, virtual private server, cloud servers, PaaS servers and there are many more other types of the server which you can use in an industry. Each server has their own quality side, based on which you can choose the best option. While if you are looking for the best server option then as far as infrastructure is concerned then dedicated server hosting is the best. Dedicated server hosting service provides the better performance, faster services and reliable hosting service, which is important for every IT based industry.

Here are shown some of the reasons why you should invest on the Dedicated server.

Superior performance

Having a dedicated server, provide the better line of networking not only for the business firm but it also helps to speed up their own online service. Which improves the speed of your website performance, so you can be able to get more clients on your website.


Good Investment
Dedicated Server Bitcoin
Dedicated Server Bitcoin

Dedicated server hosting will cost you more than any other form of hosting. But if you will see the cost to performance ratio then you are on the beneficial side. Particularly if you are handling heavy applications which take more memory space of the server, in such case a dedicated server can perform much better than any other types of shared hosting services. While if you are looking for saving the extra taxation for your purchase then you can use dedicated server Bitcoin online purchase services also, as Bitcoin is block-chain of digital currency in which rules of taxation does not apply.

Security of the data

If you are using an online platform for your business then it is important for you to keep your important data secure in the server. If you are not using a dedicated server for the hosting purpose then within limited space it will be difficult for you to keep your data secure. But if you are using a dedicated server then can check about the internal security r because you own the entire hardware of the server.

Control of the network

In case shared hosting of servers or any other form of hosting, you will start facing the problem of slow networking when the space of the server is filled. There are times when even the companies from where you are purchasing the hosting will also suffer problems occasionally. In such case it is better to have a dedicated server which is under your own control and even if there will be any problem, it can be easily identified because you own the main hardware of the system.

It is not necessary to invest in the dedicated server and if you are started building your infrastructure recently then it is better to avoid more expensive. But as your company will start developing, you will be needed more space on the server and for that instance dedicated server will be the right option for you.

Why A High Speed Internet Connection Is So Important For Your Home?

Today, the internet is playing an integral role in everyone’s life thus it is very important to stay connected with the internet. It is also becoming tremendously important for our daily life so it is necessary to reach out your internet service provider and know the options for high-speed internet. You can also switch to the other providers providing high speed for example 10gbps. There are a number of reasons why the internet is becoming the essential part of everyone’s life.

Getting things done

According to research, it is noted that the most of the people especially adults work from home and millions of employees prefer telecommunicating to each other than the physically to a workspace or office. This allows communicating with each other with the comfort without wasting the fuel. It also avoids the unnecessary stress of travel.


It is not only about telecommuting. Whoever chooses to work from home, a low-speed internet can be an obstacle or disaster for him. It will leave the important projects incomplete and also compromise with your ability to complete the projects on time.

It is not only important for business. Children also rely on the internet for their homework. Most of the assignment is done with the help of internet. There are also many things where internet helps like cooking or repairing. There are endless blogs or websites which help in our daily task.


A high-speed internet connection is also necessary for your most important task which is relaxing. This is because it has endless options for entertainment. Directly or indirectly you are relying on internet and web technologies for entertainment. You will get a lot of live streaming music platforms, libraries, and channels for your songs. A low-speed internet connection makes difficult to access the favorite songs, play video games and etc.

Stay connected

When it comes to communicating, the internet is the most powerful tool. It allows you to email, video messages, text message and nowadays video calling also which are more reliable to keep you connected with someone. It can be really frustrating when your internet connection is slow and disrupts your call.

Low-speed internet connection really makes you compromise with your work, entertainment or also disturbs while communicating. It is worth to invest in a high-speed connection to get your work done smoothly.