Three Reasons You Should Start Using Instagram For Your Business In 2019

Since the introduction of “Instagram for business” feature, Instagram has proved it to be a great tool for all those businesses who are willing to expand their business and get their product more visibility. If you still don’t have an Instagram business account, then you are definitely missing the perks of effective promotion.

                                                                                                    Instagram bot

In order to make you clear and put light on the emphasis of Instagram advertising, here are some reasons given to determine the significance of Instagram. Why it is continuously advancing and preferred by most of the businesses as well as how it can work for benefit of your organization.

The massive population of Instagram

Based on the recent research, around one-third of the world’s population have their account on Instagram and most of them mention their active presence at least once a day. With such massive users, you will have better opportunities to highlight your product and expand its reach to more of your potential customers. In the context of the Instagram business account, your presence matters a lot but it’s not possible for anyone to remain active all the time. As a solution, Instagram bot has been introduced earlier that will regulate the whole task associated with an Instagram business account without letting the users know.

Instagram Story for brand promotion

Now the time has passed and Instagram has been updated with various features that work an effective marketing tool. Yes, we are talking about “Instagram Stories” which is trending among the businesses. Being a genuine user, how many times you jump into Instagram news feed and check out new posts? Even while staying online, users not care much about the posts as they do in watching stories. Your goals should be identical, whether you want to get the app installed, get more product visibility or enhanced sales. Video or images posted as the story will continue to appear until the user swipes it up to stop therefore most of the time, they see the whole story.

Business size doesn’t matter

Though Instagram is one of the popular and widely used social media platforms, businesses of all kinds are warmly welcomed to promote their services and achieve their specified sales target. Small businesses can use Instagram tools in order to design appealing ads and get their product highlighted among the several competitors making efforts to be on the best. Switching to shoppable posts, you will be allowed to add tags or product description link with the photos they upload over their business account. This feature allows you to sell more products encouraging users tapping on the “Shop Now” option.