What Is An IP Address?

The term IP address is the computer equivalent of human residential address. In order to reach out a specific person, a specific address of residence is required. In the same way to reach out to a specific computer system an address is required by other computer systems, this address is labelled as IP address (Internet protocol address). IP Address to be precisely defined as a numerical address which is assigned to each connection to the internet.

IP address exists in two forms- IPv4 (IP address version 4) which utilizes 32-bit addresses and IPv6 (IP address version 6) which utilizes 128-bit addresses.

What are the different types of IP addresses?

Depending upon the nature of the information and other bits and pieces provided by an IP address it can be sub classified into following types-

  • Dynamic IP address- Dynamic IP address changes frequently with time.
  • Static IP Address- Static IP address remains same and does not change with time.
  • Public IP Address- Public IP address is the address visible to other devices on the internet.
  • Private IP address- It is the IP address assigned to different devices within an internal network such as router.
  • DNS (Domain Name Server) – It is not exactly an IP address but IP address translated in the form of memorable words.
What is My IP

What is in IP address?

IP address can be looked up on using the lookup tools provided in the internet to gain data in regard of geo-location such as-

  • Country name.
  • Region of IP Address.
  • City Name.
  • Organization / ISP Name.
  • The latitude and longitude of the location.
  • Time Zone.
  • Calling Code of country in which IP is registered.
  • Currency Name.
  • ASN number.

However certain data is out of the scope of lookup tools such as- Exact name of IP user, exact house number or street address, Phone number and email address.

How to trace your IP address?

Since IP address marks the online presence of a system which is essential for the accomplishment of various online tasks, there are several online tools provided in the internet for tasks ranging from extraction of IP address to use of IP address for procurement of other information. However the simplest method to track down your IP address is by typing what is my IP in Google search bar and hitting the search tab, the result page will be showing your public IP address.