6 Best Approach To Product Comparison

On a certain level, every buyer tries to compare the specifications and the price of the product before purchasing it. With the development of online technology, it became easier for the people to compare the specs of two products especially when you are buying electronic product like mobile phone or Laptop etc. Due to the reviews from the customers, business brands also try their best to make improvement in their services. Most of the online selling gives the option of giving reviews on their product. While there are also product comparison sites where you can learn about the specifications of two different products of similar price value.

Here are shown 6 best practices for product comparison.


Visitor’s expectation



The main characteristics of the product should be shown in the bulleted form on the product page.

The overview of the difference and similarities should be shown side by side which is easier to compare mobile phones. Nobody wants to write all the specification to compare it with other products.


What do you need?


There should be a clear differentiation of products and services.

It is important that you should have all the knowledge related to specification on your comparing site. Generally, people search for some essential factors of the products in the product comparison website.


Make use of filters


The requirement of each person is different and based on which they need want to look for certain specs in the products. While it is better to have filters on the website which would help the user to look for the particular specs which he/she is looking in the product.


Comparison of offers


product comparison


Usually, people look for better products with more specs at a cheaper price. It is better to have an offer comparison page on the site, where a user can search for a product which comes in his/her affordable approach.


Use large thumbnail images


Having the images of products in the form of thumbnail will help the visitors to find a particular product. There are also products which have a similar name on the site and images can make it easier for the viewer to find the product which he/she wanted to check.


Include star rating


Most of the people look for the star rating on the comparing site. It helps them to find the product in which more people have shown interest. People want to invest in the product which has the better star rating.


The above-shown factors are some of the essential qualities of the comparison sites which can help customers to learn about the specs of the product which they would like to purchase and it also gives the information of other similar products by comparing it side by side.