Introduction To High Voltage Capacitors

Most of the electronic hardware incorporate capacitors device in their circuit, and it is used for bypassing, filtering, coupling and tunneling electronic circuits. But before using the capacitors in the circuit, you have to check their capacitance value, voltage rating, temperature coefficient and leakage resistance which will help you to select the best capacitor required for the circuit. Based on the complication and design of the circuit you need to choose the type of capacitor and their rating. In this article, you will learn about various aspects of capacitors and their uses.


Use of capacitors in everyday life


You can find the use of these capacitors around yourself. If you have taken a picture from a digital camera, then the device which signals the flashlight is the work of capacitor only. In the TV remote also when you press the button it flashes the signal which is also a good example of a capacitor.


It is like a cream sandwich Oreo


The use of a capacitor is to store changes which are quite similar to a battery. On the basis of the factors like their voltage suppression, require energy storage and some other factors we use these instrument in our circuit. It looks exactly like a cream sandwich Oreo in which the cookie part shows the conducting plates of capacitor and cream is having the role of a dielectric.


y capacitor
y capacitor


It comes in different shapes and size


They come in various size and different shapes which also depend upon the values of charge and voltage it can hold. The three most commonly used capacitors are a ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor and super capacitor.


Ceramic capacitor, Electrolytic capacitor, Super capacitor


This is the mostly used capacitors which you will find almost in every electronic circuit. Electrolytic capacitors can also be used instead of ceramic one which does hole smaller charge but leaks no current and it also cost much lower than other capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors look like small tin cans which can hold huge changes in their footprint and super capacitors are for much higher storage of charges and current in the circuit.


Safety capacitors


Class X and Class Y capacitors are called the safety capacitors which are used in AC line filtering for an electronic circuit. These safety capacitors are also called as EMI/RFI suppression capacitors. Class X capacitor is used in between the phase and the neutral in the circuit while Class Y capacitors placed between the phase and the ground.


The above information gives the basic idea of the capacitor which you will get in the market and if you are working on the electronic circuit then above shown detail can be useful for your work.