How Brands Can Take The Advantage Of Instagram Stories?


Instagram is the fastest growing social network site which recently crossed 1 billion active users. It launched Instagram stories last year which are a wonderful opportunity for the marketers to achieve a large number of followers.

seguidores Instagram
seguidores Instagram

Instagram also reported that the stories are a big reason which encouraged the people to stay on Instagram for a longer time. Thus it has the potential to bring the exposure for the brand. It can be considered a great strategy to increase the followers on Instagram. However, one can also increase Instagram followers [seguidores Instagram] by buying it from different sites.

Here is the reason how brands can take the advantage of Instagram stories.

Make use of polls on Instagram stories



With Instagram stories, Instagram launched many new and interesting feature and one of them is polls. It is a brilliant feature that helps to engage the audience efficiently and you can know their thoughts on any topic. Many brands and influencers have seen increased engagement after the use of polls in Instagram live and stories.

Add links to your Instagram stories



As we know the Instagram stories are great for increasing the visibility and also it gets higher attention. Thus you can say that it takes the connection one step further. To increase the visibility of your brand, the easiest way is to add links to the Instagram stories. There will be higher chances that more and more number of people will visit your website.

It’s all about digital storytelling



The best thing about the Instagram stories is that it showed the value of true and real content to the audience which can make your brand more approachable. Brands can use this feature to tell the actual stories about their services or product. It builds the brand loyalty which simultaneously increases the sales.

Take the advantage of Instagram takeovers



Instagram takeovers are an excellent and easiest way to grow your Instagram followers either you use directly on Instagrammer’s account or you make it feature on Instagram stories. It is the best way to get mutual benefit from building a relationship between you and another influencer. It provides a great opportunity to expand your audience and also drive engaged followers.


Instagram stories itself is a great platform which you can use to get the high exposure for your brands and these 4 steps which you can follow to make your stories more efficient and productive.